Prof: Jorge Vinicio Murillo Rojas, M.B.A.
Nationality: Costa Rican

Academic background:

Professor Murillo has been Faculty member since 2003. He teaches Strategy Management course and participates as Food Processing Projects adviser. He has been professor of courses such as Food Processing, Food Industrialization and Work Experience. Right now, he is associate researcher of The Latin-American Center for the Competitiveness and Sustainable Development of INCAE Business School

He holds an M.B.A. degree with Sustainable Development and Natural Resources Economy subfield from INCAE Business School. He graduated with honors as Licentiate in Science and Food Technology at the University of Costa Rica (UCR).  He was admitted to UCR with the second best score in the admission test (796 /800). Additionally, he received training courses in Research Management at Harvard University.

Present interests:


•Associative and collusion models as a competitive strategy for the small and medium businesses
•Enterprise Networks
•Sustainable Strategies
•Innovation, Science and Technology: Strategies to be Competitive
•Fight against Poverty Strategies
•Agribusiness strategy
•Corporative Social Responsibility


Training and Consultant activities (National / International):

Other Academic Responsibilities:

  • Researcher of the Latin American Center for the Competitiveness and Sustainable Development (CLACDS) of INCAE Business School.
  • He has trained Costa Rican government’s authorities in the Strategy Planning field, through courses coordinated by The Entrepreneurial Preparation Center (CFE) of EARTH University.

  • Administrative consultant of the Research Department of EARTH
  • Student theses adviser
  • Student entrepreneurial projects adviser



  • EMP-405 Strategy Management

Research projects:

• Associative models as a strategy to reach competitiveness of small and medium business in Central America, Panamá and Dominic Republic.

• Entrepreneurial Networks in Latin America

• Fight against Poverty in Central America

• Assessment  of the competitiveness of Food processing industries at Costa Rica to face the Free Trade Agreement with United States (CAFTA-RD).


Publications and Working Papers list:
Jorge Vinicio Murillo Rojas

EARTH University
Apdo. 4442-1000 San José, Costa Rica.
Tel: (506) 2713-0000
Email: jmurillo@earth.ac.cr